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“Father to the fatherless… “ Psalm 68:5

Maybe some of you have lost a father, or grew up without a dad at all, or your relationship with your father isn’t as it should be.  For me this isn’t the case, but I want you to continue reading…  My dad is my best friend, my hero, my rock, my comforter, my safe place, my shoulder to cry on, my right hand, my go to, and most importantly, my role model.  My dad is truly the most God-fearing man that I know.  His love for the Lord, his understanding of the bible, his gentle and quiet spirit, his virtues, his faithfulness, his work ethic, his peace, etc., (all those things) inspire me every day to wake up and pursue the Lord in all things.  Izzy and Dad (2)But I know my dad is only this way because he lives for something beyond worldly desires or approval; he lives for Jesus!!  But hey, for some of you maybe you’ve never experienced these things from your dad or maybe your relationship with your dad is different.  So let’s dive in on why I wrote this blog. 

As I have shared before, many of my kids in Zambia do not have a dad at all, or get abused by their fathers, or their dads are drunks who leave them for days on end – all alone.  So, when I tell you these kids have no father figure in their lives they truly don’t.  They have no comprehension of what a father should look like; especially the young boys.  They have no role models.  They have no one to set an example, or to show them how to be young men.  Bottom line is that most of, if not all of, our boys and girls have no idea what a father should be nor do they feel loved by one. 

BUT… That’s just because of their own understanding based on their experiences.  

I am so excited that this year (2017) we get to travel to Zambia and share the good news that God is their Father.  We will share this with 1000’s of these vulnerable children.  How awesome is that!  This year’s theme is Father to the Fatherless (God is my father) and I cannot wait to share this “mystery” with the orphans of Zambia.  Many don’t personally know this heavenly Father that they can call Abba Father!! (Daddy).  And this daddy is the greatest Dad of all dads.  Psalm 68:5 says that he is “A father to the fatherless…”  Literally God is describing himself and saying that He is our FATHER.  What a promise to hold tight too… They “have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, “Abba! Father!” Romans 8:15

Pray along side of me for 10,000 orphans to hear this truth and wonderful news this summer.  My prayer is that 1000’s of these precious orphans will meet and get to know their Father for the first time – the Greatest Dad of all!  

He is your Dad too 🙂

Much Love,


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