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Well it’s me again…

I’m happy and excited to share with you all that I will be getting on a plane for my 4th time to travel back to Zambia in just 2 days.  I’ll be spending a much longer time in Zambia this Summer – thru July.  This will be by far my longest journey yet, but I couldn’t be more prayed-up and ready for what God has in store for me, the Americans at Camp Life, and the orphans that we are all serving.  I’m so ready to serve my KING and love on HIS kids!

Camp Life - Isabel 1

Many of you might ask…  why do I serve in Zambia?  Why not other countries or why not my own country…?  Well, I can only say that after my first visit to Zambia, God lit a flame in my heart that continues to burn brighter every day – I believe Zambia is my true calling.  It’s where God has given me a passion to serve, and He has set me on a path to minister to the vulnerable children that live there.

This Summer I’ll be serving on Summer Staff at Camp Life, which is basically attending to the needs of the 800+ Americans that will be flying to Zambia this Summer to care for almost 10,000 orphans.  It’s gonna be a lot of hard work and long hours but I can’t wait to get started –  I know the Lord is faithful and will keep me healthy and full of energy while serving. 

Camp Life - Isabel - Ballon Release

The most exciting highlight for me during my time in Zambia will be when my brother, John Wyatt, and dad will be flying over to meet me for my last several days of my trip.  Serving God with these two men is something I could never describe to anyone.  It’s brought a bond between us and with God that nobody could understand – and the bond grows stronger on each trip.  So, I’ll be counting down the minutes until they land in Zambia so we can once again love on OUR kids together and serve our SAVIOR!

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Please pray for me, the orphans and the Americans that I will be serving… send me words of encouragement as I leave Tuesday, May 30th to return to Zambia to do what I love.  Maybe even one day (if your reading this) you can come and serve the orphans along side of me:)  I trust that the Lord will guide me every step of the way this Summer, and when I’m there, I can spread he good news of Christ to these kids who have no idea what love looks like.  My prayer is that every orphan will know after their time at Camp Life that they are not “orphans” but children of a KING, and that they have a heavenly FATHER that loves and cares for them!

Love you all!!

Next stop Lusaka, Zambia! ❤

Serving HIS children,



One comment on “Next Stop Zambia!

  1. Dawn stolzenthaler says:

    Love you Isabel-I’m praying you have a safe trip. I know Ruth and David along with all others can’t wait to see you again. 💕🙏🏻😘


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