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Hi guys!!!

Well I made it to Zambia two weeks ago, and I’ve literally been nonstop since I hit the ground… it’s been busy but it’s already been an amazing experience!

Well I wanna tell you a little about what I have been doing the last couple of weeks and kinda share what the Lord is doing — and the new faces he’s brought into my life…

So, Monday of last week was our very first day of Camp Life… as I have shared before, Camp Life is held here in Zambia each year for 1000’s of orphans where they get to hear about the love of God and feel that love from the American’s that come over to serve. Each American Ambassador is given 10 children for a week to love on and share the good news of God’s grace – the love of Jesus is poured into the lives of these neediest of children every day at camp. My job on Summer Staff at Camp Life is to help support the American Ambassadors; but my favorite part is still loving on all the (my) kids!

I wanna tell you about 2 little boys I met on Monday my very first day of camp.

One little boy, Osward, I met Monday when I was asked to assist in bringing him to the medical clinic for evaluation by the doctor on staff at camp. Earlier that morning, sweet Osward, told one of the Zambian staff at camp that he had been kicked out of his house and had been living in an abandon shop for quite some time. He is 10 years old, but due to poor nutrition and lack of sleep, he looks no older than 6. Both of his parents left him with an aunt a while back and the aunt finally, I guess, had enough of the child and kicked him out. So this little boy came to camp just like every other child on that Monday not really knowing what to expect — especially not knowing that his life would forever change by the end of the week.

After hearing Osward’s story, and realizing that he was so scared to return to his village, we knew something had to be done. His American Ambassador got the social and field workers involved to perform a formal assessment of his situation. It was quickly determined that he needed to be in full-time care. So now, sweet Osward, by the grace of God, is off the streets and living in a children’s home here in Zambia built by Family Legacy (Tree of Life Children’s Village) where he will receive the love, protection, education and health that he needs. Showing up at Camp Life last Monday has transformed his life!

Osward 2 (2)

The second story is about sweet Emmanuel. He is 6 years old. I spotted him Monday morning getting off the bus at camp. He was so stinken tiny and cute I wanted so bad to bring him home and nurse him back to health.

Emanuel First day (2)

Well since Monday, he was the one child that I grew most attached to. He made me smile so bright throughout the week; and the more we played together the more I fell in love with him. The first day we met, he didn’t say much, he just thought I was some girl who was like the other people in his life who just come and go and never return or make him feel loved. But each day he realized that I kept coming back; I did it to show him how much he is loved by me, but more importantly, by his father in Heaven. By day five (Friday), he learned how to say, “I love you” and “Auntie Isabel” and we laughed and kissed each other all the way until he had to get on that bus to depart for home…

It’s sad to tell these little ones goodbye, but the Lord is so faithful that I know each of these children heard the GOOD GOOD news about a Savior and a heavenly Father that loves them. A Father who watches over them, knows them by name, and will one day call them home to be with Him.

It’s been an amazing time so far! I can’t wait to see what other little ones the Lord puts in my path during my time here in Zambia! I LOVE YOU ZAMBIA!!!

Love you all,


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